Rates & Benefits

Below is a snapshot of AVS membership benefits, to fully access your benefits please login using your MyAVS username and password.

AVS membership is based on a calendar year and the collection of dues for the upcoming calendar year begins in late November of any given year.


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Transfer Categories for Long-Term Members

If you are eligible to transfer to one of the categories below, e-mail Angela Klink angela@avs.org

Emeritus Member: Emeritus Membership may be obtained by any American Vacuum Society member who has been a full member in good standing for a minimum of 30 years, and is at least 62 years of age and can demonstrate that he or she is retired from full-time employment.  Members in good standing who are disabled and retired from full-time employment with less than the minimum membership time noted above, but who have at least 5 years of continuous full membership, may make special application to the Membership Committee for Emeritus Membership. Please contact the Angela Klink (angela@avs.org) for more information.

Honorary Member: Recommended by the Awards Committee to the Board of Directors for distinguished service to the Society.

Fellow: Recommended by the Awards Committee to the Board of Directors to recognize members who have made sustained and outstanding technical contributions in areas of interest to the Society.

**Unemployed Rate: AVS now offers an unemployed rate. For more information on whether you qualify, please contact Angela Klink (angela@avs.org)

** Developing Country: A special discount on AVS membership is available for residents living in certain countries. Qualified applicants will receive standard AVS membership benefits. Please contact the Angela Klink (angela@avs.org) for more information Annual qualification for this discount, based on country of residency, will be required.